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Software managment to scale & streamline your business

CurbWaste is a modern software built to streamline your operations and save you money. Built by industry veterans, this software allows you the capability to truly understand your operations through high level data collection and provide real time information to your client base.

Top reasons why businesses choose Curbwaste

  • Billing Managmenet

    We have integrations with the all the leading accounting software platforms, such a Quickbooks, so you can create and send automated invoices in real time. You also have the ability to collect payments directly from your customers, enhancing your cash flow and properly managing your receivables.

  • Track Inventory & Live ETA

    Track your trucks with our cloud based GPS fleet management hardware or integrate your current system directly into our platform. Your customers will receive real-time tracking links of your trucks location to ensure seamless service with no hiccups.

  • Place & Manage Orders

    CurbWaste provides a one of a kind project managment platform. You and your customers can place and view current and past orders in an intuitive mobile friendly portal.

  • Driver Mobile App

    Our driver app allows drivers to communicate directly within our platform driving real time updates and making sure nothing is missed. Our mobile app can easily be found in the app store and downloaded to any device.

  • Sensors

    Our platform allows you to seamlessly link your existing inventory sensor integration for full transparency asset management. We also provide our own sensor hardware process to maximize your inventory management needs.

  • Super charged Report

    CurbWaste has everything from revenue and service operations reports to high level sustainability and diversion analytics that update as you go about your day to day activities, providing you with fully operational transparency.

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